Dwell Times in Canadian Ports Increasing

Dear Valued Customer,

The Dwell Time at certain Canadian Ports is beginning to become an issue again. Dwell Time is basically the time between when the import vessel discharges the containers and the time that the said container gets loaded onto a rail car.

Generally, this Dwell Time has been increasing. Its effects are unpredictable, unfortunately. One container from a vessel can be on the rail in 3 days, while another container from the same vessel, coming to the same inland city by rail, can take 10 days. There are also some nightmare incidents when a container can be buried so deeply in a pile, that it takes more than 10 days to get loaded.

There is only so much that can be done when this happens. We push the ocean carriers once a container has sat for more the three days – which is generally considered to be the standard dwell time.

Please see the overview directly below. This will give you some indication as to the potential for delays. The other issue is with CBSA Container Inspections. There is no data available as records are not released by the Government Agency. Anecdotal evidence would point to the fact that the CBSA is pulling more containers, but that could be, as the Government states, simply because there are more import containers. The end result is that it is taking considerably longer to get the containers inspected due to the volume of containers being pulled. This can lead to a deeply frustrating situation that we do share with you.

Should you want more information regarding this situation including some charts and detailed information about each port, please email us at sales@maltacourt.ca

-Delta Port: Longer and higher than usual dwell for IPI Import. 14% of import IPI volume had beyond 7 days on dock dwell in the recent 35 days. As per Delta port loading plan on the 7 days and over units Toronto will load by 9/17, Montreal by 9/19, Calgary and Edmonton by 9/18.
-GCT Deltaport moved out 22,388′ rail cargo in average this week. Average Dwell: CN/5.52 days, CP/3.41 days.
-GCT continued to truck out around 10,000′ (200 units) to CN and CP ramp on daily basis.
-GCT Deltaport yard utilization is about 80% last week.
-CN VIT: VIT terminal congestion improved. 150 units currently at VIT are within 3 days dwell.
-Prince Rupert: Longer dwell, 7 /8 days dwell for Montreal and Toronto destinations.
-Halifax Ceres Terminal: No delay with rail loading. Most of IPI discharge at Halifax Ceres terminal is loaded upon discharging off the vessel.