Dear Valued Customer,

 There has been a recent upsurge in container carryings, much of it associated with the Chinese New Year.  As a result, we have begun to experience longer than usual delays at the Vancouver Terminals and with CN and CP Rail. 

Dwell time at the terminals in Vancouver have become a great concern.  They are averaging 5-7 days at the terminal before being loaded onto a rail car.  All ocean carriers and freight forwarders are being equally affected by this spike in volume.  We will do all in our power to keep the containers moving, but you should expect some delays.  If your container has not yet arrived in Vancouver and it is urgent, Express Rail Service (ERS) MAY be an option.  ERS does come at an extra cost though.

 Please discuss with your Maltacourt Import Coordinator.

 We will keep you advised of future changes.